The ACTN/ACTN BSC swap site is now live!

Converting your Action Coin (ACTN) to ACTN BSC is optional, but doing so provides you with access to a wide variety of storage options, as well as other Binance Smart Chain ecosystem services.

How to Swap ACTN for ACTN BSC

You will need to transfer at least 100 ACTN to the swap site. Minimum swap amount is currently 100 ACTN. There is no upper limit.

You will need a wallet (TrustWallet, MetaMask, Math Wallet.. DYOR) configured to accept ACTN BSC on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). You will also need BNB if you wish to do anything with your ACTN BSC (other than storing it).

ACTN BSC Token Contract ID:


Step 1). Create an account on our swap site. You will need your BSC wallet address at this step:

Step 2). Verify your email, login and deposit Action Coin (ACTN) to your hot wallet. You may send ACTN to the swap site using our Android app, desktop app or Coinbin.

Step 3). Buy ACTN BSC with the ACTN deposited (it may take several minutes for confirmation of deposit). Upon successful completion of your order, ACTN BSC will be transferred to the BSC wallet address provided during registration.

That's all!



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Nicholas Morley

Nicholas Morley


I've built various technology businesses over the past 28 years. From a stock photo agency to a web hosting/dev. business. Now building a blockchain company.