The Action Coin (ACTN) Swap is Proceeding Nicely..

More than 400 million ACTN have been swapped to date, and we are now working on the scripts that will facilitate automatic swap requests from the old blockchain, as well as our main website.

The whole process might seem slow to some of our fans, but we want to be sure that our new blockchain and all related services are stable before the rest of the community is invited to the swap.

The deadline for all ACTN coin swaps is now set for July 1st, 2021.

At our last meeting, board members also decided to start moving forward with the development of two additional coins; FRMBK *coin (this will replace the FRMBK *token as previously announced) and EMPX coin. Both of these coins are being developed as "micro stable coins"; specifically designed to serve as store credit within their respective multi-vendor marketplaces (1), (2). Each coin will come with a dedicated Android wallet and block explorer.

Stay tuned for more announcements!



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Nicholas Morley

Nicholas Morley


I've built various technology businesses over the past 28 years. From a stock photo agency to a web hosting/dev. business. Now building a blockchain company.