FarmBook (FRMBK) Swap Instructions

As you may already know, we issued a new FarmBook (FRMBK) token on the Binance Smartchain (BSC), on April 9th, 2021. It is now time for existing FRMBK holders to swap their FRMBK tokens from our old (NXT-based) blockchain to BSC. All existing FRMBK collectors are entitled to receive new FRMBK tokens at the rate of 1 FRMBK(new) for every 200 FRMBK(old), as previously announced here.

To initiate a FRMBK token swap from the old web wallet to the Binance Smartchain:

  1. Create a wallet on the Binance Smartchain (BSC). This may be accomplished by adding our custom token to TrustWallet, MathWallet (and many others) using contract address: 0xc1b298c5814d05ef903f10f783c5d396ae35cf23

2). Now login to the old web wallet and prepare to send all of your FRMBK to our central wallet address.

3). Navigate to Assets >> My Assets

4). The FRMBK asset will appear. Click the transfer button:

5). You will be presented with the following screen. Fill the form exactly as shown, but be sure to enter your BSC wallet address (from step 1) instead of ours, and the Quantity should represent your entire FRMBK balance:

6). Now send your old FRMBK to Recipient:


You will need 2 ACTN to complete the transfer. You must include an unencrypted message (containing your BSC wallet address) with your transaction! Uncheck “Encrypt Message” and then select “Message is Never Deleted” for transparency. Failure to include a Binance Smartchain wallet address will result in your FRMBK being returned to you. Failure to include the correct wallet address will result in a complete loss, as we cannot recover tokens that are sent to the wrong destination.

Remember: The total FRMBK supply has been reduced from 100 billion tokens to 500 million tokens. That means you will receive 1 new token in exchange for 200 old tokens.

All swap requests are subject to review by a member of our team. We will send your new tokens to you as quickly as possible.

Reach out to our Telegram community if you’re having any issues.

Happy Swapping!

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