Bitcoin Technology

I am convinced that the technology behind Bitcoin and consequently, Action Coin, is a gift that has the potential to seriously disrupt some of the control that evil has over our beautiful planet. This technology could, in theory, end poverty. Open your mind.

It is Time for Action!

Make it your mission to to teach at least one fellow human about blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies, everyday! Share some ACTN with them (if you don’t have any, reach out to our Telegram community and somebody will send you some). Explain to them that these are digital coins that NOBODY can take from them; unless they give up their passphrase of course..

There is no password reset.

And be absolutely sure to explain to them that not all of the projects in this space have good intentions; there are many bad actors out there!

That is your mission, should you choose to accept it 😉.

I've built various technology businesses over the past 28 years. From a stock photo agency to a web hosting/dev. business. Now building a blockchain company.