An Open Letter To The Action Coin Community

Dear Action Coiners,

My vision for Action Coin has always been, and continues to be about utility; to make ACTN an instrument to be used for the promotion of small businesses, to create meaningful local jobs, to reward our users for interacting with us, and for telling other people about us.

In 2017/2018 (it seems like such a long time ago), I honestly expected the Action Coin project to take on a life of it’s own, and to perform much better than it has thus far.. With vendors literally lining up to sell on our platform, and community members clambering to buy their goods and services. But then the BTC "bubble" burst in late 2018, and many projects walked with billions of dollars in people’s money, casting an ugly shadow over the entire space.

They say everything happens for a reason...

Still I persisted, because I felt that I owed it to the people who recognized what I was trying to accomplish, and subsequently put their faith in me. I have been working almost tirelessly ever since (with the odd break of course), continuing to fund Action Coin via my web development and hosting business, as well as my own pocketbook; to the point where I nearly bankrupted my company.

We have not sold any coins since March, 2018. ACTN has only been used to obtain services that are regularly demanded by our community (such as exchange listings) since then.

We are aware that some of our Associates sold, even "dumped" some or all of their coins (some sold none at all), but that was their right; for many of them, their coins provided much needed income, and quite frankly, they earned it. At least we accomplished that much!

We were also affected by bad actors in the earlier days, people that found our weaknesses, and managed to get free coins (which they promptly dumped). I guess that was their right too... They made us stronger.

Most of those issues no longer exist. Buy orders, while small, sit on the STEX exchange for weeks at a time. We still control more than 80% of the new supply, and the majority of that is stored in cold wallets.

Yes, we made mistakes, but we learned from those mistakes. We will likely make more as we continue to evolve. That is human nature..

I know that much of what I have just said will fall on deaf ears, will likely draw remarks from the trolls that frequent our channels. Please note that abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be banned without warning.

All of that said, I felt it was time to clear the air, so that we may move forward with changes that I fully expect to benefit our community as a whole. The changes that I am proposing, if things play out as I hope, will make Action Coin a project to be proud of. If you're a shitty human being, you will not understand, nor appreciate these changes (please take your coins and leave).

If you're a good human, with an open mind, you will immediately see the value in my proposition. You should feel compelled to participate like never before.

I ask you to consider this; reportedly, more than 400 billion dollars was given to charities worldwide in 2017, yet there is little to no transparency in terms of where most of that money was spent...

Our community IS big enough to drive change. Each and every one of you has the ability to help, even if only to introduce others to an honest project that ultimately wants to make the world a better place. I don't know about you, but I want to be remembered for something good!

It is Time for Action


Nick Morley, CEO
Action Coin Inc.

I've built various technology businesses over the past 26 years. From a stock photo agency to a web hosting/dev. business. Now building a blockchain company!