Action Blockchain Public Node Setup Instructions

Nicholas Morley
3 min readJan 8, 2021


Thank you for your interest in becoming a public node operator for the Action Blockchain network. All node operators must pass an initial, remote system assessment, and then complete our KYC process before being added to the list of “official” nodes that we advertise for our network.

Please Note: In order to keep things equitable, and to maximize our geographical reach, we only allow one node per operator. We reserve the right to limit the number the number of nodes in each city and country. Public nodes are also approved and added, as required, on a “first come, first served” basis.

The current requirements for aspiring public node operators are as follows:

1). You need enough technical expertise to configure, secure, monitor and maintain a public blockchain node. We do not recommend using this system for any other purposes. Your firewall should have a single port (51676) open to the outside world, and physical access by unauthorized users must be prevented. Do not use your public node to store your ACTN, or for staking. Stake from a separate computer, if possible.

2). You must be able to provide a computer system with 4–8GB memory, 10–20GB free disk space (ssd drives work best), an “always on” internet connection, and a static IP address (dynamic IP support will be available shortly). Bandwidth may also be a concern for some node operators, as a fresh sync with a new client can easily burn 4GB of data transfer at this time; more as the blockchain grows in size. Running a public node is not for the faint of heart, nor for people that are not at least somewhat technically inclined; do so at your own risk.

The average overall availability of your node must not fall below 95% uptime.

Also, keep in mind that these are the minimum system requirements for a public node. These requirements will most definitely increase as our blockchain network grows. You should also be aware that growth may happen quickly and with minimal warning.

3). We are asking all prospective node operators to complete our new KYC process. We believe this will set us apart from other blockchain networks, as we will be able to reasonably state that all of our node operators are “trusted” operators. Our KYC process is now handled by Blockpass, a third party identity verification service:

Click here to complete our KYC verification process

There is no charge for the verification process, and rest assured, we will not wilfully share your personal information with anyone outside of our organization.

To get started, simply install and configure one of our clients on a computer system dedicated for this purpose:

Windows 10, 64-bit. Other recent versions of Windows most likely work, but we have not personally tested them. The Action Ocean for Windows installation instructions are located here. Be sure to open port 51676 to the outside world, once the client has been installed and fully synced with our blockchain.

Linux Desktop, 64-bit. Only the latest versions of the Debian and Ubuntu desktops have been tested here. The Action Ocean for Linux installation instructions are located here. Be sure to open port 51676 to the outside world, once the client has been installed and fully synced with our blockchain.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Configure the Action Ocean clients to “Allow incoming connections” once the blockchain has been fully synced. Go to Settings >> Options >> Network


Linux Without a Desktop, 64-bit. We currently use Debian 10 for all of our public nodes. You may download and install the latest version of our dedicated node software from our GitHub (scroll down for installation instructions in the README section of the page). Be sure to open port 51676 to the outside world, once the client has been installed and fully synced with our blockchain.

This repository is a fork of the Komodo Platform repo, with some very minor changes.

When you’re ready to have your public node assessed by our team:

Once you have your public node properly configured, please email with your information (operating system, memory, IP address, your full name and your ACTN wallet address).

Once we have verified your node information, functionality and connectivity, we will send you an approval email containing the official hostname for your node ( for example), and you will be added to our network during the next update. Let’s grow together!



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