The ACTN/ACTN BSC swap site is now live!

Converting your Action Coin (ACTN) to ACTN BSC is optional, but doing so provides you with access to a wide variety of storage options, as well as other Binance Smart Chain ecosystem services.

How to Swap ACTN for ACTN BSC

You will…

Bitcoin Needs an Upgrade

Mining Bitcoin is a massive waste of energy and other resources. It’s indisputable.

In a time when countries are bringing more and more reactors online in order to meet their growing energy needs, we have a morale obligation to do everything in our power to find…

Thank you for your interest in becoming a public node operator for the Action Blockchain network. All node operators must pass an initial, remote system assessment, and then complete our KYC process before being added to the list of “official” nodes that we advertise for our network.

Please Note: In…

We’re pleased to release the first official version of our branded desktop wallet for Linux. This software connects to the Action Coin Blockchain, and provides you with the ability to stake and transact ACTN on our network.

WARNING: As with most blockchain related software, this client is experimental. Use at…

Action Blockchain Network: Public Node Operators Wanted

As previously indicated, we are continuing to seek public node operators from all over the planet.

Please complete the following application form before January 1st, 2021 if you’re interested in participating:

👉 Please see my latest post on this subject.

An Open Letter To The Action Coin Community

Dear Action Coiners,

My vision for Action Coin has always been, and continues to be about utility; to make ACTN an instrument to be used for the promotion of small businesses, to create meaningful local jobs, to reward our users for interacting…

Bitcoin Technology

I am convinced that the technology behind Bitcoin and consequently, Action Coin, is a gift that has the potential to seriously disrupt some of the control that evil has over our beautiful planet. This technology could, in theory, end poverty. Open your mind.

It is Time for Action!

Nicholas Morley

I've built various technology businesses over the past 26 years. From a stock photo agency to a web hosting/dev. business. Now building a blockchain company!

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